94X PIN Information

The IRS 941/944/940 e-file system requires filers to enter a signature PIN for authentication. The PIN is different from any other PINs you have may having, including EFTPS PIN, EFIN, ETIN, etc. This PIN is used specifically for filing 941/944/940 forms and not good for anything else.

There are two types of PINs, Business Taxpayer PINs and Reporting Agent PINs.

Business Taxpayer PIN: 10-digits and it is intended for a business to file these forms on its own. One PIN for each business and can be applied through our website to the IRS. The PIN will be sent in a letter by the IRS to the business through regular mail

Reporting Agent PIN: 5-digits PIN, the tax professional needs to apply directly from the IRS. Once received, the tax professional needs to obtain a signed e-file authorization form 8655 from each client and send it to the IRS for all future filings.

If a tax professional already has a EFIN (for filing 1040s, e.g.), the professional may use the EFIN and a 5-digit select number (11 digits total) to e-file forms 941/944/940. However, the professional needs to obtain and keep a copy of a form 8879 from each client for each quarterly or annual filing.

Please check the IRS website for more details on 941/944/940 e-file PIN and options.

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