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C&S Technologies is an IRS authorized software developer and e-file service provider for individual and business tax returns. Our websites, and provide fast, simple, accurate and cost effective e-File and payroll solutions to individuals and businesses.

Cryptographic Vulnerability Analyst

Analyze cryptographic vulnerability of tax e-filing applications to formulate mathematical models and variables to design, analyze and decipher real-time encryption systems designed to transmit tax filing related information in code; and implement and integrate the encryption systems with the tax e-filing systems.

Required: Masterís degree in Mathematics or Computer Systems Engineering with academic background in mathematical modeling and experiment, Internet applications, multi-variables, and real-time systems and programming.

How to Apply: For open positions, send your resume via postal to:

C&S Technologies, Inc.
Attn: C.C Chen
1879 Lundy Ave. #266
San Jose, CA 95131

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