California Form DE 88 (California Tax Deposit Coupon)

Downloading California Form DE 88 Calculator

Download California Form DE 88 Calculator

  1. Download California Form DE 88 Calculator through eSmart Payroll by using the above link.
  2. Calculate the appropriate numbers using the downloaded form.

Note: The above form is for calculation purposes only. It cannot be used to make a tax deposit. In order to file California Form DE 88, you must acquire it from the EDD or use Form DE 88All (blank form).

Form California Form DE 88 Information

California Tax Deposit Coupon. This is not the official coupon, should not be used to make tax payment. If eSmart CA Withholding Calculator is to manage payroll checks, eSmart DE 88 can import payroll check records and automically compute total tax payment for the period.

Employers must complete this form if and submit it with any tax deposits that must be made.

Filing Deadline

Payroll tax payments are due and must be reported in the quarter the wages were paid, not in the quarter the wages were earned.

Quarter Ended Due Date Last Timely Postmark Date
March 31 April 1 May 2
June 30 July 1 August 1
September 30 October 1 October 31
December 31 January 1 January 31

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