Refund, Chargeback Policy


Our company provides electronic filing services to the government. We process your data into the government required format, transmit it electronically to the government for processing. If the data you submitted is not correct, we cannot guarantee that your data will be accepted by the government.

1. As an e-file servicer provider, we continuously work with government agencies to qualify to be an approved e-file provider. Although rarely happens, if your data is rejected due to our format error, we will correct and resubmit the file ASAP. If necessary, we may contact you to resubmit your data. You will not be charged for resubmission. If we cannot correct the format error, we will refund the e-file service fee completely in full.

2. If your data file is rejected by the government due to your information error, we will post the reason for rejection to your account. You can revise and resubmit for free. We will process and efile your data again. If you choose not to resubmit, you can generally print the paper copies and mail the forms to the government agency. The e-file service fee may not be refunded since we have processed the e-file already.

3. If you pay by credit card, the entity description on your statement will show eSmartPayroll/Paycheck. Please do not initiate chargeback without contacting first. For each chargeback request, you may be responsible for a non-refundable chargeback fee ($30 per chargeback, e.g.). If your need to close your credit card for any reason (stolen, e.g.), please check with your bank to confirm the e-File service payment and do not initiate chargeback to avoid the non-refundable chargeback fees.

If you have any question about our refund policy, please contact

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