eSmart Payroll Introduces Time-Saving Tools for Tax Season

Press Release

San Jose, California, December 21, 2018—Today, eSmart Payroll, and its parent company, C&S Technologies, Inc., are pleased to introduce intuitive Fast Track features that help businesses reduce the time and energy dedicated towards payroll tax paperwork for employees and independent contractors.

The Fast Track technology allows eSmart Payroll clients to partially fill in W-2 or 1099-MISC forms, by providing just a few pieces of W2 payroll or 1099-MISC payment information for each employee or independent contractor. The tool then auto-completes the rest of the form, which the user can review.

For example, when completing W-2 forms, users simply input up to seven pieces of information, and once all the information is proofed, the user clicks “create” to prepare the finished form. The same process applies to the 1099-MISC forms, which requires five or fewer inputs from an independent contractor’s payment history. After the process is complete, and the information assessed, the user can choose to move onto the next form, or submit it for eFile with the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

eSmart Payroll completed user testing, and found that 90 to 95% of W-2 and 1099-MISC forms can be completed quickly with the new Fast Track technology. For more information about eSmart Payroll’s Fast Track technology and filing payroll tax forms, visit or call (408)935-8969.

About eSmart Payroll

eSmart Payroll offers low cost, commitment-free payroll services to small businesses and payroll professionals. eSmart Payroll customers can utilize the company’s technologies to submit W-2, W-2c, 1099-MISC, Forms 941 and 940, and state payroll reports electronically to the appropriate governing agencies. The intuitive software allows users to manage multiple companies, view the status of filed forms, and revise and resubmit with ease.

About C&S Technologies

C&S Technologies, Inc. has been providing small businesses throughout the nation with business payroll and tax services since 1996. The Silicon Valley based company offers six business payroll management solutions that allow business owners and managers to choose which specialty services suit their individual needs, including,,,,, and

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