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How do I manage multiple companies for e-files? (back to top)

Our website is designed for tax professionals to manage multiple companies easily within one account. Once you log into your account, you first select "the company" you want to work on, then drill down to the specific application of e-file (941, W2, etc.).

Do I have to re-type employer or employee information for different e-files applications? (back to top)

No. Information you entered for a specific company is used for all of the e-file applications where needed. For example, the employer information you entered when preparing 941 is saved such that it can be used for W2 e-file at the end of the year.

Can I export data from my payroll software and e-file through eSmartPayroll? (back to top)

If you can export the data from your software or database into an Excel worksheet, we have many utilities that enable you to import the data into eSmartForms so you can create and upload the e-file data file to the IRS, SSA or California EDD.

How do I export data from QuickBook, PeachTree or other payroll software into eSmartForms for e-file? (back to top)

Currently, we do not have plug-in for specific payroll software. However, we are working with different payroll software providers to enable easy data export such that the exported file can be directly e-filed through eSmartPayroll without converting through Excel worksheet.

If you would like your software vendor to add the e-file feature, please contact your software vendor or us.

Can I send you data file for you to convert and e-file for me? (back to top)

Yes, if you provide us with data in Excel, comma delimited or other common format, we can convert and e-file the data file for you. In addition to the regular e-file cost, a processing fee will apply. Please call for quote.

After the e-file is completely, we will provide you with a report to verify the completion of the e-file, as well as the status of each record in the data file.

The Excel conversion utility missed some data columns from my worksheet? (back to top)

Please check to make sure you have the exact column heading identified in the conversion utility. Often the Excel heading cell may contain space, return or other invisible characters that made it un-recognizable by the eSmart utility. You may want to copy the cell completely to the matching table in the utility.

Do you offer volume discount in pricing for e-file? (back to top)

Yes. Please refer to the price section for more details. We typically do not charge any setup fee. The more you file in each batch, the lower the price become. Significant discount is applied for large volume e-file. If you have any question, please call for quote or send e-mail to us.

Can I set up an account and be billed by invoice for the e-file service? (back to top)

Yes, we are developing the feature to be released in the near future.

How can I be sure that the IRS receives the information I filed? (back to top)

You can check the e-file status anytime at our website under your account. The status of each company, each application and each e-file are posted clearly at the website. If you have a large number of companies, we can prepare a report for you.

Can I file 941 forms for multiple companies using different PINs, though I am not a report agent? (back to top)

Yes, we recognize the account owner and the owner can do everything to manage multiple companies within the account. Report Agent is a term defined by the IRS for tax professionals that choose to file for multiple companies using one PIN.

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